After spending hours over the years enjoying the famous Northumberland coast Amy felt it was time to bring some of that fresh sea air into her illustrations and your homes with the puffin design! Puffins are also a crucial part of the NOrthumbrian cpoast, and see people from across the country travel to see them.


Amy's double oven glove is perfect for adding a stylish touch to any country kitchen. Inside each hand pocket and on the reverse of the glove there is a padded thermal layer, there is also a handy loop in the middle of the glove so it can be easily hung up in your kitchen.

The inside of the oven gloves are towelled to improve grip. All our oven gloves are made in Britain, from 100% cotton and conform to current commercial PPE safety regulations.


Northumbrian Puffin Double Oven Gloves

  • - Hand Sewn in Britain.

    - 100% Cotton.

    - Towelled Inside

    - Conform to current PPE regulations.